- théâtre

We have all been experiencing an architecture revolution for the past two to three decades. In most North American mega cities (New York, Chicago, Toronto, etc), the historical builds are being torn down in city centres to make space for the newer commercial/residential skyscrapers. Some of these buildings like theatres, opera houses or government buildings are designed and decorated with cultures, stories or social movements of different time periods that should not be removed from the map.

“théâtre” is a series of high resolution photo-stitch architectural photographs that focus on the historical theatres, and opera houses that represents cultural significance in the Great Toronto Area.


Avon Theatre Stratford Festival - Hubert Ye Hua
Avon Theatre – Stratford Festival



Ed Mirvish Theatre Hubert Ye hua
Ed Mirvish Theatre
Elgin Theatre Hubert Ye Hua
Elgin Theatre
Festival Theatre Shaw Festival
Festival Theatre – Shaw Festival
Royal George Theatre - Shaw Festival Hubert Ye Hua
Royal George Theatre – Shaw Festival
Winter Garden Theatre Hubert Ye Hua
Winter Garden Theatre